Welcome to Sarasvati Language School

Portland's oldest venue for studying Hindi.

Have you wanted to really learn Hindi, to surprise your family and friends on your next trip to India - not just say 'namaste' but read and write the beautiful Devanagari script and even understand Bollywood movies?

My proven interactive and innovative methods, developed over 20 years of experience, simulate real life and give adult students the equivalent of a college course with fewer class hours, a college text, audio CDs and weekly homework assignments. By the end of the first term (eleven weeks) you will have learned to pronounce Hindi sounds correctly (remember, I'm a speech therapist, too) and to read and write Hindi using the Devanagari script. You'll already be able to talk about family and friends and have a beginning understanding of Hindi grammar.

I start classes one time per year. The next First Term Beginning classes start Tuesday, September 20th, 2016.  Find more information specsific to Fall Term 2016 under Registration on the  sidebar..

Rachel Lileet, MA India Studies, MA Speech Therapy 
email: lileet@hindistudies.com

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